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The Sub-Saharan Africa outlook shows that multi-speed recovery will continue into 2022. All markets will exhibit […]
Equip your business with the tools and talent to remain competitive in Israel as market regulations […]
The EMEA outlook in 2022 remains positive, with a continued recovery in services, strong exports, and […]
How We Define Market Intelligence The wide range of challenges companies face—affecting which customers they target; […]
Firms should closely monitor political dynamics within the Frente de Todos following the midterm defeat. While […]
nairobi, kenya
B2B opportunities will continue to rise in tech and related industries, as will B2C opportunities in […]
Federal Reserve
Recent bond market movements are signaling the risk that inflation surprises will force rapid monetary tightening […]
Latin America
The Latin America outlook shows that economic growth will moderate in 2022 after the rebound experienced […]
Firms should engage in scenario planning, as the outcomes of Chile’s presidential and congressional elections are […]
MNCs should continue to prepare contingency plans for an uptick in hostilities in the broader confrontation […]
Firms serving the broad manufacturing sector should expect a robust recovery in the sector by Q4 […]
Asia Pacific healthcare markets will see increasingly divergent performances and priorities in 2022, as some countries […]
Growth in new channels, such as e-commerce, new priority sectors for governments, localization incentives, and efforts […]
City Hall - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Changes to the protocol will likely include the introduction of a special arbitration mechanism to manage […]
Sao Paulo Brazil, Skyline
Heightened concerns regarding Brazil’s commitment to its fiscal debt should worry some investors about Brazil’s fiscal […]