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Last week, the Colombian government presented its new tax reform for approval by Congress, over two […]
Leftwing coalition Apruebo Dignidad and center-right Chile Vamos elected their candidates for the November 21 presidential […]
Devastating floods have torn across large swaths of western Germany (as well as Belgium, the Netherlands, […]
Since the rapid rise in e-commerce adoption because of COVID-19 outbreaks, multinationals are investing heavily in their […]
After re-entering positive territory early this year, China’s producer price inflation rose rapidly across H1, fueled […]
A new political party ITN (There Are Such People), headed by popular showman Slavi Trifonov, won […]
The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) continues to gain strength, ticking higher from 104.4 in May 2021 […]
Preliminary estimates indicate that Qatar’s economy contracted by 2.5% YOY in Q1 2021, due to the […]
On July 1st Fitch downgraded Colombian sovereign debt to junk status, weeks after S&P did the same in […]
China map
The Chinese government has developed a city-cluster plan to encourage equitable and balanced scaling across cities […]
The two massive waves of COVID-19 have significantly disrupted India’s economic trajectory, causing economic growth to […]
The business environment today requires you to process information about your markets, industry, and company in […]
As business professionals enter one of the most challenging strategic planning seasons to date, FrontierView is […]
FrontierView is thrilled to announce that our global analyst teams have won 9 FocusEconomics Analyst Forecast […]
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) saw the cautious beginning of a recovery early this […]