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Growth will pick up in H2, followed by a more pronounced rebound in 2025 B2Cs will […]
Likely relaxation of climate policy casts doubt on achieving 2050 Net Zero ambition The likely success […]
Multinationals should review monetary policy on a national basis, as Central European rate policies diverge Multinationals […]
Multinationals should be aware of heightened political and economic risks in the region in H1 2024 […]
MNCs should carefully monitor developments to account for energy policy shifts throughout Europe, particularly as key […]
GDPs per capita in the region are among the lowest in Europe but most in need […]
Plan for policy unpredictability as elections approach and slower growth in 2024 Ahead of the Polish […]
Bratislava Slovakia
Weak economic growth and high inflation may increase political instability Slovakia’s September 2023 election will have […]
Food inflation continues to keep headline inflation at elevated levels Multinationals should revisit scenario planning to […]