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The war has reached its most dangerous moment thus far Firms need to brace for an […]
Ukraine’s successes open up several downside risks Firms need to prepare for a very difficult winter, […]
A turnaround on the battlefield or sanctions escalation by the West could cause massive Russian retaliation […]
Russia’s battlefield struggles make the use of a weapon of mass destruction more likely This proxy […]
Russia’s poor performance thus far in the war raises risk of resorting to a chemical or […]
Russian rubles
Despite increased likelihood of a diplomatic solution, a Russian invasion is still relatively probable As before, […]
Prepare for a weaker ruble and economic sentiment in 2022 Firms should be implementing contingency plans […]
Historic protests in Kazakhstan end the Nazarbayev era
Despite restrained sentiment, the tenge remains stable, and no sanctions are expected The fallout from Kazakhstan’s […]
The CIS Outlook remains highly appealing relative to most emerging markets across EMEA, with the region […]
MNCs should continue to prepare contingency plans for an uptick in hostilities in the broader confrontation […]
russia healthcare outlook
MNCs in Russia should expect business sentiment to moderate even more this winter, further impacting demand […]
Russia’s economic recovery in consumer and business demand has improved consistently each month since the beginning […]
Parliamentary elections proceeded in line with expectations, with the ruling United Russia party winning 50% of […]
russia's economy shifts to the upside
Lingering COVID risks and high prices pose only mild concerns to Russia and CIS’s solid growth […]
Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin met and agreed on all the 28 road maps for […]