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Milei faces notable governability challenges due to a lack of support from governors and a legislative […]
Argentina's government
Milei’s recent announcement has helped dissipate dollarization fears; however, his proposed fiscal shock will likely face […]
While the second round appears more competitive than initially anticipated, Milei will likely moderate his anti-establishment […]
We maintain our view of further currency devaluation after the presidential election and more severe inflation […]
Given the increasing macroeconomic misalignments, we maintain our view of a further currency devaluation after the […]
Argentina's government
While the current economic crisis amplifies support for far-right stances, risky policies could deter private sector […]
The Argentine presidential election is shaping up to be a three-way race, with Milei in the […]
Consumer spending and private investment are expected to recover in the upcoming months, given lower financial […]
Given high FX pressures and lower export income, we anticipate net reserves to remain negative throughout […]
A sound macroeconomic stabilization plan, along with political and social support, will be essential to effectively […]
Chile's right-leaning parties
Chile’s right-leaning parties have 34 of the 51 seats in the new constitutional council On May […]
The parallel rate reached historic highs and is more than double the official rate April marked […]
Given the tax reform rejection, the government has less fiscal space to overcome consumer spending and […]