Global Events to Watch for 2022

Published November 2021

Global Events to Watch for 2022 Report

Read our marquee report on global events to watch for 2022. This research will provide you with scenarios and inputs on a range of global and local events that could potentially disrupt your 2022 plans. Some of these are positive events with upside opportunities for companies, and others provide a precise view on the likelihood of some downside risks materializing. Use the report to frame internal conversations around risk and uncertainty for your business plans and think creatively about factors that could affect your company.

Download the executive summary for a sample of what you can expect from this report.

Download the Executive Summary

Ryan Connelly

Chief Economist

Ryan oversees global economics research for FrontierView. With almost 15 years of experience, he supports clients on strategic planning, market prioritization, risk identification and contingency planning in their most important markets. Before joining FrontierView, Ryan worked at Morgan Stanley on a Special Situations Desk. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and affairs from The George Washington University as well as a master’s degree in international economics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

Ryan Connelly

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