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Global markets are complex, volatile, and unpredictable. All too often, business leaders are unable to successfully navigate them due to gaps in data stemming from disparate, biased sources and trouble separating signal from noise.

Power your business planning, market monitoring, and ad hoc projects with FrontierView’s trusted database of leading indicators. Access over 5 million data points, including 10-year forecasts for 230+ markets including state/province/city level data.

Seamless access through our API

  • Integrate our APIs into your business intelligence tools and overlay FrontierView data with your data
  • Streamline your data analysis experience with more efficient cross-team collaboration
  • Write your own queries to match specific criteria, only retrieving the data of your choice
  • Receive automated updates without the hassle of needing to manually download data to get the latest updates/forecasts

Coverage and Assets

Macroeconomic Data

An objective, big-picture view of the market shedding light into macro trends and providing frameworks for market prioritization, entry, and channel strategies

Forecasted Data

Combining the best of technology and human expertise, our analysts provide 10-year forecasts for key macro economic indicators covering 80+ markets.

Premium Healthcare Datasets

Public and private procedure and beneficiary health datasets from 14 countries (and counting) across the Americas, Europe, and Asia ???? in one place




Unique indicators


Time series




Data types in six main categories

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