Premier Global Market Intelligence and Advisory Firm

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable global environment, FrontierView’s strategic market intelligence uniquely sits at the intersection of economics, politics, geopolitics, industry, and business strategy. Our purpose-built market intelligence solution allows you to stay ahead of the curve, vigilantly monitor your most important markets, power your strategic planning, and inform your critical business decisions.

About FrontierView

We combine strategic market intelligence and advisory services through data, insights, and technology, to power your market monitoring, strategic planning, and growth objectives.

Serving 4,100 business professionals at over 290 of the world’s leading multinational companies.

Answering the “So What, Now What” to power important workflows and critical decision making across strategic planning, market monitoring, risk management, and international growth.

Analysts focusing on North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Global Economics, and Healthcare.

Proprietary leading-edge desktop and mobile applications that inform decision making and seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Markets covered
Analyst advisory consultations annually
Dashboards hosted

Our actionable intelligence helps organizations stay ahead of rapidly evolving macroeconomic, industry and regulatory trends impacting the global operating environment.

Macroeconomic Data
360,000+ data series on 200+ markets with 10-year proprietary forecasts and up to 50 years of data.

Research Reports
Over 400 country and regional reports published annually covering macroeconomic trends, developments, and strategy.

Workflow Tools
Customizable Dashboard and analyst- curated market & topical Hubs to harmonize market insights and power recurring workflows.

Advisory & Community
1×1 analyst briefings and exclusive client roundtables to turn insights into answers.

100s of projects delivered informing strategic plans impacting markets, customers, competitors, partners, and policy.