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Partnership could create bridges in Congress but is unlikely to be a deciding factor in the […]
War in Ukraine will complicate Brazil’s already-challenging operating environment MNCs will see significant challenges navigating the […]
Brazilian City Scape
Firms should not expect tax cuts—or other measures that reduce public revenue to cheapen the cost […]
The current COVID wave is likely to be short-lived but will impact mobility and service demand […]
Brazilian City Scape
Target opportunities in areas that saw budget expansion MNCs should monitor budget performance closely to anticipate […]
Sao Paulo Brazil, Skyline
Firms should continue to align with their local partners in terms of the supply chain, as […]
The delay in the payment of precatórios has been seen with mistrust by the financial market, […]
Sao Paulo Brazil, Skyline
Heightened concerns regarding Brazil’s commitment to its fiscal debt should worry some investors about Brazil’s fiscal […]
After more than two years of delays, Brazil’s Board of Directors of the National Telecommunications Agency […]
Brazil is going into the rest of 2021 well positioned to recover to pre-pandemic levels of […]
On August 17, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies delayed the vote on the proposed tax reform for […]