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Brazil's central bank board nominations point to risks
Multinationals should expect continuity from a monetary policy standpoint, as limited interest rate cuts are expected […]
Brazil's new fiscal framework
The framework aims to achieve primary surplus by 2025 Upcoming Congressional debates on efforts to strengthen […]
Brazil Growth
A new political landscape impacts Brazil’s Outlook FrontierView recently hosted a group of leading multinational executives […]
2023 will likely see a return to the country’s low-growth pattern of the past decade While […]
The country’s deepening polarization will hinder the approval of potential reform efforts The weekend attack on […]
Lula’s economic team picks still don’t indicate a solid commitment to austerity Firms should closely monitor […]
Many of the factors that have driven economic growth thus far will slow over the course […]
While Bolsonaro has yet to publicly acknowledge the outcome, support appears limited for challenging the election […]
Despite Lula’s strong showing in the first round, polling significantly underestimated Bolsonaro’s level of support After […]
Short-term inflation relief continues to be an effect of government efforts to bring energy prices down […]
Breaching the spending cap could threaten the country’s credit profile and long-term inflation targets Lower commitment […]
During the remainder of 2022, clients should expect to see inflation, rising cost of credit, and […]
Pakistan Central Bank's liquid foreign reserves and Pakistan's external public debt
Partnership could create bridges in Congress but is unlikely to be a deciding factor in the […]
War in Ukraine will complicate Brazil’s already-challenging operating environment MNCs will see significant challenges navigating the […]