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Key policies by the government will support domestic demand over the next 12 months New policies […]
Multiple headwinds will prevent the economy from growing substantially through H1 2024 Firms should optimize their […]
An improving political outlook will support the Thai economy in the coming months Firms will benefit […]
Thailand’s tumultuous political environment
While the political environment will likely remain turbulent in the coming weeks, the economy will see […]
A moderation in cost pressures has allowed central banks in ASEAN to keep rates on hold […]
Thailand’s tumultuous political environment
The coalition government led by the Move Forward Party will face multiple hurdles in taking control […]
ASEAN currencies will be under much less downward pressure in 2023 due to easing global headwinds […]
While the Pheu Thai Party is favored to win, major risks to the outlook remain Heightened […]
Malaysia’s government plans to spend heavily across key sectors, supported by strong revenues in 2022 B2B […]
Elevated global food and fuel prices will lead to higher inflation in ASEAN in 2023 ASEAN’s […]
Retail sales will continue to grow in ASEAN, supported by a return of Chinese tourists and […]
Additional weakening of Southeast Asian currencies will drive import costs even higher in 2023 Companies in […]
Export demand will remain weak through 2023 as global headwinds persist Export demand in Southeast Asia […]
Central banks in ASEAN will continue tightening monetary policy through 2023 Central banks in ASEAN will […]
Tourist arrivals into ASEAN will increase in the coming months but not return to pre-pandemic levels […]