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Export demand will remain weak through 2023 as global headwinds persist Export demand in Southeast Asia […]
Central banks in ASEAN will continue tightening monetary policy through 2023 Central banks in ASEAN will […]
Tourist arrivals into ASEAN will increase in the coming months but not return to pre-pandemic levels […]
Governments will attempt to rein in spending over the next 18 months as their finances are […]
Central banks in Southeast Asia are facing a balancing act between targeting growth and inflation Central […]
Global palm oil prices will not ease quickly due to domestic supply requirements for Indonesian palm […]
As the clear frontrunner, Marcos Jr. is on track to win the general election in May […]
Consumer prices are likely to increase substantially as food and fuel prices rise Russia’s invasion has […]
Governments in Southeast Asia (SEA) plan to reopen their borders partially starting in Q2 2022, followed […]