The Brexit Handbook

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Published January 2021

Deal lifts optimism, but Brexit-induced uncertainty persists

FrontierView’s expectations for a timely UK-EU zero-tariff Free Trade Agreement (FTA) deal were met, confirming our base-case assumption first published in 2018. Businesses welcomed the landmark agreement with relief, lifting economic optimism. Despite the positive news, the FTA raises EU-UK trade barriers instead of liberalizing trade. Although the agreement allows close cooperation, it opens the door for further divergence and business disruption in the future.

The Brexit Handbook details key trends impacting the UK economy and actions your business can take to win in 2021 despite volatility.

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The Brexit Handbook

Brexit Handbook

Assumptions Check-List … 4

What the Deal Does Cover … 5

Impact by Sector … 6

What the Deal Does Not Cover … 7

Suggested Actions by Sector … 8-10

Trade with Third Countries … 11-12

Learn More … 13

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