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MNCs should assume long lead-time delays and assess the likely impacts of import-tariff hikes MNCs should […]
MNCs should ensure remuneration packages and training opportunities are tailored to local dynamics MNCs struggling with […]
Devise strategies to remain competitive in a difficult operating environment MNCs should expect broad policy continuity […]
Ghana's budget
MNCs should prepare for tax hikes and review their market assumptions MNCs exposed to government demand […]
MNCs should track progress in negotiations and consider FX hedging MNCs should monitor progress in talks […]
MNCs should review the financial resilience of their local partners Firms should remain alert to frequent […]
Firms should target public spending plans that are less likely to face opposition pushback MNCs should […]
Target resilient customer segments and emphasize your value proposition to public sector clients MNCs exposed to […]
Monitor sentiment and consider contingency route-to-market plans in Senegal Firms should monitor sentiment and developments around […]
Companies operating exclusively in Lagos are unlikely to be directly affected MNCs should monitor security developments […]
Track FDI inflows to identify the subsectors that will lead demand growth MNCs should track foreign […]
Plan for naira weakening and consider offering flexible payment terms to local partners facing FX shortages […]
South Africa
Help local teams identify government spending priorities in the countries with better public sector prospects MNCs […]
nairobi, kenya
B2B opportunities will continue to rise in tech and related industries, as will B2C opportunities in […]
On August 16, 2021, the president signed the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021 (PIA) into law, 13 […]