As business professionals enter one of the most challenging strategic planning seasons to date, FrontierView is here to equip you with the tools you need to navigate uncertainty, mitigate risk, and foster growth for your business. Our summer 2021 Global Leadership Briefing illustrates the important separation between the post-COVID reopening of the US and WEUR, the ongoing COVID struggles that will impact the recovery of local services across much of the world, and how the reduction in demand for at-home consumer durables will influence inflation and supply chain pressures over the coming quarters

Global recovery from COVID-19 hinges on a sustainable economic reopening, which requires widespread vaccination and economic support within local economies. Developed markets in North America and Western Europe have launched vaccine programs that will generate herd immunity in 2021, and in combination with generous fiscal support, will pave the way for a sustained economic recovery this year. In contrast, many countries in the rest of the world will not have enough access to vaccines to achieve herd immunity until 2022 or later, preventing the end of domestic COVID-19 restrictions in 2021.

The Global Leadership Briefing is a very concise, business-oriented global narrative, in which we provide you with the perspective your business needs to align on the factors shaping the global outlook for your strategic planning, including:

  • An update on the latest revisions to the global macroeconomic outlook
  • Deeper dives on regional trends in developed and emerging markets, including multinational corporation sentiment
  • Updates on global risks that will have a major impact on the global business environment
  • Emerging opportunities that are increasingly guiding strategic efforts by multinationals across industries
  • steps for corporate, regional, and local teams to continue to succeed in global markets

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