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The yen is likely to remain under pressure through Q3 2024, with a protracted rebound from […]
Labor shortages and changing price expectations should drive broader wage increases across the market; however, improvement […]
A legislature controlled by the opposition will ensure that the administration will have little success in […]
Firms should prepare for changes in Japan’s operational environment that will likely arise due to higher […]
The revised changes distribute tax relief across all income segments instead of concentrating them among the […]
Popular support for the Imran Khan–led PTI is a firm rejection of the establishment and will […]
Policymakers are turning their focus from expansionary policies to sustainable spending The scaling back of public […]
New Zealand government
The success of the right-leaning government will depend on the coalition partners’ ability to cooperate on […]
The stimulus fails to provide adequate support to increase demand in the short term Japan’s upcoming […]
Only select areas, e.g., welfare, childcare, and strategic industries, will see meaningful funding increases in 2024 […]
Domestic demand falters, while export-oriented industries surge The divergent growth dynamics across various sections of the […]
Recent policy changes by the BOJ signal the potential for a sea change in pricing and […]
Firms must continue to target resilient segments to ensure top-line growth in 2023 Firms should focus […]
New Zealand government
Cost-of-living support is a major short-term concern; infrastructure and healthcare investments are key long-term priorities Firms […]
Inconsistent growth across segments points to continued volatility in the market Though the Korean economy surpassed […]