As we continue to fulfill our mission of providing the world’s best market intelligence and advisory services for global business professionals, FrontierView (Frontier Strategy Group LLC) has been acquired by FiscalNote, a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence.

“At FrontierView, we have been on a relentless mission to provide the world’s best market intelligence and advisory services for global business professionals,” said FrontierView CEO, Richard Leggett. “We are inspired by FiscalNote’s vision and could not be more excited to join the FiscalNote family. Through this combination, we see an opportunity to accelerate our strategic vision in an effort to better serve a broader set of our clients’ market intelligence needs.” 

FrontierView will be led by the same leadership team and will continue to provide market-leading market intelligence and advisory solutions. With our robust research capabilities and expanded global reach, FrontierView will be able to complement, reinforce, and enhance FiscalNote’s existing world-class political intelligence capabilities—while fully leveraging the company’s diversified portfolio within the global risk, ESG, and geopolitical advisory product suite.

“FrontierView sits at the intersection of diversification and market development within FiscalNote’s overall corporate strategy,” said FiscalNote co-founder and CEO, Tim Hwang. “By further expanding our international coverage and enhancing our holistic content offerings, FrontierView aligns with our proven corporate pathway of rapid and durable growth through organic initiatives and opportunistic acquisitions.”

Both FrontierView and FiscalNote share a deeply held belief in the power of technology and advisory services to bring positive change to clients and to the global marketplace. The mission-driven and customer-centric business models of both companies align in a harmonious way, and we are confident that by working together, we will bring more impactful and amplified value to you.