Using its market assessment methodology, FrontierView helped pharmaceutical company Beta determine whether the South Korean healthcare system had the infrastructure and capabilities required for a promising new treatment.


Company Beta anticipated successful completion of clinical trials of a new and innovative drug. While this treatment had the potential to benefit a large number of people, it required advanced healthcare infrastructure capable of early detection and diagnosis of the treated disease, which is traditionally hard to uncover.

To assess whether South Korea’s healthcare system met this prerequisite, Company Beta required an in-depth analysis of the current and projected patient population and a comprehensive examination of local healthcare system infrastructure and capabilities to detect the specific disease in its early stages.


FrontierView’s market assessment approach addressed the challenge from two angles:

  • First, FrontierView conducted secondary research to identify and analyze local healthcare companies as well as patient population to size the market and estimate usage of equipment for early detection.
  • Next, FrontierView interviewed local physicians (primary care, specialists) and key opinion leaders across South Korea to confirm its hypotheses.

By synthesizing qualitative and quantitative results, FrontierView identified local market dynamics, regional access to early detection tests, and the growth trajectory of early detection tests over the next five years. With these insights, FrontierView determined the readiness in South Korea for the upcoming treatment. providing a comprehensive solution tailored to Company Beta’s unique challenges.

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