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Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast ticks down to US$ 97 for 2022, and […]
We expect the Fed’s policy rate to move into the 5% range by early 2023, putting […]
Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast remains at US$ 105 for 2022 and US$ […]
Weak demand is driving a deceleration in input cost and selling price inflation, as business confidence […]
Although prices likely won’t return to post-invasion highs, tight supply and ongoing supply risk will keep […]
Most currencies will face further downward pressure for the rest of 2022 A strong US dollar […]
Our Brent crude annual average oil price forecast is US$ 109 for 2022 and US$ 95 […]
Despite pockets of resilient activity, manufacturing activity faces headwinds from virus disruptions in China, war spillovers, […]
As the war in Ukraine drives up commodity prices, higher inflation will push consumers and end-users […]
In markets characterized by tight capacity, risks of further disruptions abound In response to high commodity […]
global manufacturing sector
Most markets see record input cost pressures and selling price increases All firms with links to […]
Our 2022 average annual Brent crude oil price forecast rises to US$ 111/barrel from US$ 89/barrel […]
Businesses across industries and stages of production are grappling with soaring costs, especially for energy and […]
On the eve of Russia’s invasion, manufacturing surveys pointed to high optimism amid fading Omicron waves […]
Already-high input cost pressures will now intensify, driven by the fallout from the war in Ukraine. […]