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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America, FrontierView, in partnership with Roche, created a […]
The combination of laxer social distancing and slow vaccination has led to new waves of COVID-19 […]
Mexico City Skyline
The Latin America Digital Health Policy Index—FrontierView’s newest research to support the world’s most innovative healthcare […]
The United States 2021 macroeconomic outlook continues to improve, putting it on track to be one […]
EMEA in 2020/2021 webinar series
Some Central European (CE) governments have gradually lifted restrictions, as vaccination efforts ramp up, which should […]
Asia Pacific in 2021: Preparing for an Uncertain future
Japan, Australia, and South Korea have had varying degrees of success in controlling the pandemic and […]
At FrontierView, our research, data, and insights cover over 200 markets to guide your business through […]
Mexico’s economy continues to fluctuate after a dire spike in COVID-19 cases that kept 50% of […]
South Africa’s economy is showing stabilization over sustained recovery after a record-breaking recession in 2020. The […]
Australia suffered its steepest economic contraction in 2020; however, government support for welfare programs and wage […]
Asia's healthcare
After confronting a second wave of COVID-19 infections and a deepening global recession, Asia Pacific will […]
Economic activity across the ASEAN-5 countries is expected to gradually return to pre-COVID levels. The region is expected to […]
A decrease in COVID-19 cases has eased restrictions over the past few months. More sanctions are expected to be removed by the […]
automotive industry
The Mexico auto industry will help boost the economy despite being one of the worst-hit countries […]
Despite facing a third wave of COVID-19 with more transmissible variants, Germany is projected to return […]