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The government will need to consider ways to calm unrest after it pushed through the bill […]
Adoption is unlikely, but discussions are a positive sign and suggest FDI flows will continue into […]
The Six Largest Latin American Countries Now Under Leftist Leadership
Achieving investment grade status in 2023 would be both symbolically and economically significant more than a […]
Pension reform will face fierce opposition in parliament and on the streets FrontierView believes there is […]
Ongoing civil unrest will weigh on economic activity Strikes at TotalEnergies have contributed to energy shortages, […]
MNCs should plan for heightened uncertainty and market volatility heading into 2023 While the far-right coalition […]
Lower tax revenue and new spending plans will result in higher borrowing costs, undermining private investment […]
Italy faces either a weakened government led by Draghi or an early election, with negative implications […]
Macron could govern on an issue-by-issue basis or roll the dice by calling another election next […]
The success of Macron’s second term hinges on the outcome of June’s legislative elections The outlook […]
The results of the first round of elections point to an increasingly fractious governing environment Although […]
Government support measures can’t offset the full impact of higher inflation and lower external demand The […]
While the re-election of Mattarella foreshadows greater political instability, the surprise outcome of Portugal’s legislative election […]