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Contrary to widely held hopes, Chinese officials are doubling down on zero-COVID policies In the short […]
The economy-first orientation that underpinned China’s growth for the past few decades is about to change […]
Chinese regulators will carefully control the CNY’s fall to avoid market instability at a politically sensitive […]
Manufacturing activities will not be sufficient to revitalize China’s economic growth following lockdowns The fact that […]
Beleaguered developers suffer another blow to their financial soundness as homebuyers stop paying mortgages Businesses need […]
Restaurants in key Chinese cities have suffered steep losses in the past few months The rapidly […]
The normalization of strict COVID containment measures will add extra costs to MNCs’ day-to-day operations The […]
Lengthy lockdowns have completely disrupted many MNCs’ business operations in China Because it lacks a clear […]
Lengthy lockdowns in China’s commercial hub will deal a heavy blow to business and consumer confidence […]
Beijing finds it increasingly difficult to stand with Moscow while protecting its own interests The US […]
With daily cases breaching 7,000, Hong Kong is poised to adopt more draconian COVID measures Businesses […]
Chinese currency
More monetary and fiscal stimulus looks imminent, as authorities pursue economic stability China’s interest rate cut […]
Senior executives at US-based companies whom Beijing believes may be able to influence Washington’s China policy […]