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The details of China’s plan to promote trade-ins of automobiles, consumer durables, and industrial equipment have […]
Policies are likely to focus on major economic issues that are well understood Multinationals can expect […]
This piece was originally published as “Despite the ‘De-risking’ Buzz, Some Multinationals Are Doubling Down in […]
A substantial portion of China’s output is likely to find its way to global markets Multinational […]
The risk of overcapacity looms large, as China’s demand will likely be too weak to absorb […]
Most of the challenges China faced last year are likely to persist into this year Although […]
Taiwan’s election
Taiwanese voters must choose confrontation or compromise with Beijing Taiwan’s January elections will have substantial implications […]
However, “borrowing new to pay old” won’t resolve the root causes of China’s debt problem Special […]
China stimulus package
The scale of the package is meager, so its impact is likely to be limited Multinationals […]
China Scenarios
Household spending will continue to lean toward services rather than goods Holiday travel has made a […]
China real estate
These measures still fall short of tackling the structural issues that the property market faces Multinationals […]
China Scenarios
Weakness of global demand is forecast to persist and will weigh on Chinese exports until at […]
Yet these meetings offer little reassurance to MNCs navigating the most unstable business environment in China […]
youth unemployment in China
Multinationals are likely to encounter long-term headwinds as overall demand decreases because of rising youth unemployment […]
Recent crackdowns highlight heightened risks for multinationals China’s increasingly stringent approach to policing information will have […]