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On August 16, 2021, the president signed the Petroleum Industry Act, 2021 (PIA) into law, 13 […]
Center-right political alliance SPOLU gained the largest vote share in the Czech 2021 general elections last […]
Russia’s economic recovery in consumer and business demand has improved consistently each month since the beginning […]
Lebanon formed a new cabinet after a 13-month governance vacuum due to its fragmented political environment. […]
European gas contracts for November delivery jumped to EUR 118.0 from EUR 17.0 six months ago […]
As everyone adjusts to a world with COVID-19, the government is increasing its focus on nationalist […]
After consolidating its exit from 2020’s pandemic-induced recession, Nigeria’s economy is projected to continue a mild […]
The 2021 German general elections saw the Christian Democrats (CDU) lose its grip on power, as […]
South Africa's economy skyline Johannesburg
South Africa’s economy grew 18.4% YOY in the second quarter of 2021, the fastest on record. […]
The Sub-Saharan Africa outlook in 2022 shows a variety of recovery timelines. Many small- and medium-sized […]
Parliamentary elections proceeded in line with expectations, with the ruling United Russia party winning 50% of […]
Preliminary estimates indicate that Israel’s economy grew 15.2% YOY in Q2 2021, driven by loosened COVID-19 […]
russia's economy shifts to the upside
Lingering COVID risks and high prices pose only mild concerns to Russia and CIS’s solid growth […]
Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin met and agreed on all the 28 road maps for […]
The MENAT region will continue to recover in 2022, and most countries will return to their […]