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Egypt’s government will remain severely constrained in spending capacity by its large debt load B2G firms […]
Fiscal pressures will remain across SSA despite debt restructuring progress offering some relief to governments’ spending […]
Russian assets
Putin aims to win a war of attrition by enhancing effectiveness and efficiency with the help […]
President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to France, Hungary, and Serbia has done little to alleviate mounting […]
Slowing inflation amid the currency’s improved stability will boost customer sentiment Multinationals should review their pricing […]
Growth will pick up in H2, followed by a more pronounced rebound in 2025 B2Cs will […]
The new aid package, expected to arrive in within a week or two, should prevent substantial […]
Expect to see lower-than-expected consumption into Q3 2024 Businesses operating in Lebanon must plan for high […]
Inflation is likely to ease in H2 as the high-base-year effects from late 2023 come into […]
Regional impacts and scenarios for the Iranian-Israeli conflict in the wake of Israel’s attack on Iran’s […]
Despite an expected cooling of European labor markets, overall employment dynamics are set to remain resilient, […]
Multinationals should expect the Turkish government to constrain domestic demand while allowing gradual lira depreciation for the […]
Likely relaxation of climate policy casts doubt on achieving 2050 Net Zero ambition The likely success […]
The most radical reforms proposed by Faye are unlikely to be implemented in 2024 All multinationals […]
Kremlin will seek to associate the terrorist attack with Ukraine to increase public anger against Ukrainians, […]