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The eurozone looks poised to avoid a full recession in 2022, but risks remain tilted to […]
Political turmoil limits potential government measures to ease economic pressures Business confidence is at its highest […]
Lengthy lockdowns have completely disrupted many MNCs’ business operations in China Because it lacks a clear […]
Companies operating exclusively in Lagos are unlikely to be directly affected MNCs should monitor security developments […]
Plan for an acceleration in public spending ahead of the election, after which budget constraints will […]
Germany’s slowdown will weigh on other European markets, which are already under pressure from inflation and […]
The success of Macron’s second term hinges on the outcome of June’s legislative elections The outlook […]
Many countries are seeing downward revisions to their consumer spending forecasts While high-income consumers will remain […]
Russia’s poor performance thus far in the war raises risk of resorting to a chemical or […]
A surge in inflation and an economic decline could revitalize populist movements across the region MNCs […]
Record inflation will dampen purchasing power and growth Accelerating prices will increase challenges in a country […]
The results of the first round of elections point to an increasingly fractious governing environment Although […]
The conflict compounds operating challenges including FOREX shortages and rising inflation Most MNCs operating in Addis […]
The government’s inability to secure long-term EU cohesion funding may dampen private investment inflows and further […]
Government support measures can’t offset the full impact of higher inflation and lower external demand The […]