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The drop in European agriculture output may add to underlying inflationary pressures Ongoing farmers protests will […]
South-African Rand (budget)
Plan for a gradual expansion of austerity measures, including tax hikes, after the May election Multinationals […]
kuwait sykline
Fiscal consolidation will remain a priority across the GCC Multinationals can expect weaker public demand from […]
Multinationals should review monetary policy on a national basis, as Central European rate policies diverge Multinationals […]
Turkiye Inflation
Turkiye’s economic and political leadership remain committed to inflation management. MNCs can expect high borrowing costs […]
Tbilisi, Georgia
The elections will serve as a pivotal test for Georgia’s EU membership aspirations, with the ruling […]
The parallel market will remain a main source of foreign currency despite an expected marginal improvement […]
Government spending priorities in 2024 have been significantly altered by the war in Gaza B2G firms […]
Multinationals should be aware of heightened political and economic risks in the region in H1 2024 […]
Despite a relatively limited impact on headline GDP figures, the recent uptick in tensions in the […]
High-income households and tourists offer resilient sources of demand in an otherwise sluggish market To grow […]
Russian assets
The US’s shift toward asset confiscation mirrors the Biden administration’s challenge in obtaining congressional endorsement for […]
Uncertainty regarding the Gaza War feeds into scope of Red Sea disruption Disruption to shipping in […]
The war is having spillover effects on Jordan’s economy Escalating tensions and violence in Gaza will […]
Multinationals face a tradeoff between strong growth prospects and heightened risks B2Gs should monitor political developments […]