Company Delta had built a complex distributor network in Latin America to increase its reach across the region, though poor management of this system limited profitability for the business. FrontierView developed and implemented a tested approach for distributor performance management for Company Delta to help sustain long-term growth and expansion throughout Latin America.


Company Delta wanted to drive more sustained growth and profitability in Latin America (LATAM), where it relies heavily on distributors. Delta sought to develop a scorecard and incentive structure for managing its distributors, and to close priority capability gaps, based on the principles of capability-based channel management. In addition, Delta wanted to incorporate an existing and internally developed approach to partner management created as a pilot for one of its regions.


FrontierView deployed a three-phased solution for assessing Delta’s partners and optimizing its LATAM distribution network:

  • FrontierView generated buy-in by introducing its collaborative partnership approach and 360 Distribution Diagnostic as a tool to start a dialogue around how to cultivate a more collaborative partnership approach.
  • Using the diagnostic, FrontierView identified priority opportunities for improvement as well as capability gaps and areas of misalignment between Delta and its distributors and conducted a workshop to discuss clear recommendations about the priority capabilities, scorecard building, and incentive program construction based on capability gap improvements.
  • Finally, FrontierView provided thought partnership and guidance as Delta integrated the new scorecards and incentive structure.

FrontierView helped Delta develop a new approach to partner management, which featured unprecedented participation from multiple country managers and channel partners. Delta also built new distributor performance scorecards and an incentive program based on FrontierView’s analysis of high-priority distributor capability gaps. In addition, Delta integrated the new scorecards and incentive structure into its existing partner management and support cadence and calendar. With FrontierView by its side, Delta was able to deliver better outcomes for its business in LATAM.

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