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A substantial portion of China’s output is likely to find its way to global markets Multinational […]
Inflation and FX risks will prevent many central banks in the region from cutting interest rates […]
Firms should prepare for changes in Japan’s operational environment that will likely arise due to higher […]
The risk of overcapacity looms large, as China’s demand will likely be too weak to absorb […]
The territory’s sluggish post-pandemic recovery has made its government reluctant to reduce fiscal expenditure B2C companies […]
The revised changes distribute tax relief across all income segments instead of concentrating them among the […]
The 2024 budget aims to cushion the impact of persistent headwinds while retaining Singapore’s competitiveness on […]
Election winner Prabowo Subianto is closely aligned with the current administration Companies should expect broad policy […]
Popular support for the Imran Khan–led PTI is a firm rejection of the establishment and will […]
Udaipur city aerial panoramic view, India
The conservative budget suggests Modi is confident in the run-up to the polls Companies should utilize […]
Policymakers are turning their focus from expansionary policies to sustainable spending The scaling back of public […]
Most of the challenges China faced last year are likely to persist into this year Although […]
Expect intensifying customer pushback on price increases Consumer goods companies should plan to face higher levels […]
Prabowo’s selection of Gibran as his vice-presidential candidate has made him the clear frontrunner in Indonesia’s […]
Taiwan’s election
Taiwanese voters must choose confrontation or compromise with Beijing Taiwan’s January elections will have substantial implications […]