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Despite a relatively limited impact on headline GDP figures, the recent uptick in tensions in the […]
High-income households and tourists offer resilient sources of demand in an otherwise sluggish market To grow […]
Russian assets
The US’s shift toward asset confiscation mirrors the Biden administration’s challenge in obtaining congressional endorsement for […]
Uncertainty regarding the Gaza War feeds into scope of Red Sea disruption Disruption to shipping in […]
The war is having spillover effects on Jordan’s economy Escalating tensions and violence in Gaza will […]
Multinationals face a tradeoff between strong growth prospects and heightened risks B2Gs should monitor political developments […]
A landslide victory for President Félix Tshisekedi diminishes the risk of post-election instability Commercial activity in […]
What happened? On January 2, an Israeli attack on southern Beirut killed Hamas Deputy Leader Saleh […]
The fighting evolves into a protracted war of attrition in 2024, with neither side making notable […]
Understanding the Current State of Russia Relations with Ambassador John Sullivan
While relatively unlikely, the region faces a multitude of risks that could develop rapidly In our […]
customer behavior mena
MENA remains a source of growth for multinationals, but regional risks could thwart its large potential […]
South Africa
The growth outlook remains subdued ahead of the May 2024 elections Companies should prepare for muted […]
In retrospect, European markets outperformed our start-of-the-year expectations, but long-term prospects remain subdued While Europe has […]
Improving economic growth contrasts with elevated downside risks in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2024 Despite improving economic […]
WUER Events to Watch
Despite diminishing concerns about Europe’s energy supply, underlying risks continue to weigh on the outlook for […]