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Despite the PP’s strong performance in municipal elections, it is highly unlikely that the party will […]
Planning for Turkiye’s economy will be complex, as it remains exposed to shocks heading into H2 […]
South-African Rand
Build contingency plans to cope with rand volatility, power shortages, and political uncertainty Firms importing products […]
Monetary tightening has likely peaked, but rates are likely to stay higher for longer The effect […]
Plan for lengthy payment delays from local partners To help local partners facing FOREX shortages, firms […]
With the outlook still uncertain, monitor endorsement announcements from the third presidential candidate, Ogan Turkiye completed […]
Bratislava Slovakia
Weak economic growth and high inflation may increase political instability Slovakia’s September 2023 election will have […]
Qatar’s North Field
Qatar’s importance in your MENA portfolio will increase in 2023 Multinationals will need to work closely […]
South Africa
Takeaways from FrontierView’s Johannesburg Executive Roundtable On April 18, 2023, FrontierView held its biannual Sub-Saharan Africa […]
The Russian migrants are reshaping Central Asia and the Caucasus (CCA) economies It is less likely […]
Budapest, Hungary
Hungary’s foreign policy blunders and the Orban administration’s oppressive domestic actions will have real ramifications for […]
Private consumption in Lebanon suffers sharp decline as sentiment crashes amid a storm of political and […]
The passing of a multi-year budget is expected to provide fiscal stability following a yearlong deadlock […]
MNCs should assume long lead-time delays and assess the likely impacts of import-tariff hikes MNCs should […]
FOREX shortages will soften but not disappear altogether as the currency depreciates Firms should consider offering […]