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The US will still experience a short contraction in 2023 Given the American economy’s strong start […]
However, the risk of contagion to the rest of the financial system remains limited The collapse […]
The Fed will need to see further easing in labor market conditions before it decides to […]
Higher mortgages and falling home prices will dent consumer confidence and spending The double whammy of […]
Lingering inflation will prompt the US Federal Reserve to keep interest rates much higher for longer […]
Fresh government support will boost some US industries, but deep macroeconomic forces will keep US manufacturing […]
The US benchmark interest rate will reach 3.75% by December, but Fed policy in 2023 hinges […]
Most currencies will face further downward pressure for the rest of 2022 A strong US dollar […]
FrontierView just completed its latest collaboration with the University of Maryland’s Global Consulting Fellows student team […]
Signs of a short-term inflation acceleration are putting pressure on the Fed to hike faster Higher […]
Pakistan Central Bank's liquid foreign reserves and Pakistan's external public debt
Notwithstanding strong demand from demographic trends and healthy household balance sheets, housing construction faces headwinds after […]
Lasting effects of pandemic-era household transfers will keep goods spending elevated, spelling continued challenges for supply […]
Businesses across industries and stages of production are grappling with soaring costs, especially for energy and […]