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Notwithstanding strong demand from demographic trends and healthy household balance sheets, housing construction faces headwinds after […]
Lasting effects of pandemic-era household transfers will keep goods spending elevated, spelling continued challenges for supply […]
Businesses across industries and stages of production are grappling with soaring costs, especially for energy and […]
Auto sales
Once chip shortages ease, output will be sustained by backlogs and growing demand for electric vehicles […]
The latest inflation figures for the US raise the risk of faster monetary tightening by the […]
As US consumer spending patterns evolve in the pandemic era, B2C firms should continue to monitor […]
oil pricing
US crude oil production dropped from 11.35 million barrels per day in July to 11.07 million […]
Per yesterday’s data release, headline consumer price inflation for the US eased in August to 5.3% […]
The United States 2021 macroeconomic outlook continues to improve, putting it on track to be one […]
Myanmar flag
Myanmar experienced a military coup on February 1, 2021, during which military leaders captured Ang San […]
As United States President, Joe Biden’s foreign policy priorities will not put Latin America at the […]
US 2020 Election - vote
The United States 2020 Election is one of the most consequential elections for global business in […]
Rising US-China tensions and the future of hong kong
Tensions between the US and China are rising at an accelerated pace and have had a […]
us 2020 electoral outlook
Amid the global COVID-19 health crisis, intensifying social movements across the country, and severe economic downturn, […]