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Healthcare and Medicine
The share of procurement in the total MOH budget will decrease in 2024. Multinationals will see […]
New investment and B2G opportunities should emerge as discussions intensify and infrastructure expansion continues Long-term investments […]
In 2022, Colombia passed a reform that establishes taxes on ultra-processed foods and sugary beverages, which […]
The stimulus fails to provide adequate support to increase demand in the short term Japan’s upcoming […]
As the tax reform advances in Congress, it further veers from its original intent—with multiple exceptional […]
Given ongoing negotiations between the PSOE and the Catalan ERC and Junts parties, acting PM Pedro […]
Massive protests erupted in Panama in recent weeks against a new law that allows the Canadian […]
South-African Rand (budget)
Firms selling to the public sector should plan for muted demand growth and tough pricing negotiations […]
Key policies by the government will support domestic demand over the next 12 months New policies […]