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The economy-first orientation that underpinned China’s growth for the past few decades is about to change […]
US Federal Reserve rate hikes, global volatility, and high commodity prices will weigh on the currency […]
After two years of pandemic-driven disruption, an ongoing global slowdown is complicating ASEAN’s economic recovery. Although […]
Firms should expect challenging labor market conditions to persist through 2023 Firms in industries facing acute […]
Markets in Developed APAC are facing a period of extraordinary uncertainty, driven by forces such as […]
Central banks in ASEAN will continue tightening monetary policy through 2023 Central banks in ASEAN will […]
Chinese regulators will carefully control the CNY’s fall to avoid market instability at a politically sensitive […]
Subnational prioritization will yield somewhat different results for B2C, B2B, and B2G companies Companies with a […]
Tourism is unlikely to make a meaningful recovery until tour requirements are dropped B2C firms should […]
Manufacturing activities will not be sufficient to revitalize China’s economic growth following lockdowns The fact that […]
Tourist arrivals into ASEAN will increase in the coming months but not return to pre-pandemic levels […]
Household budgets will be squeezed by elevated inflationary pressures and rising costs of debt repayment B2C […]
Short-term inflation expectations have cooled, but broad trends still point to higher-for-longer inflation While India’s recent […]
Beleaguered developers suffer another blow to their financial soundness as homebuyers stop paying mortgages Businesses need […]
Governments will attempt to rein in spending over the next 18 months as their finances are […]