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An increasingly expansive fiscal policy, coupled with diminishing tax collection, has reduced government treasury levels to […]
Brazil's new fiscal framework
A rebound in domestic investment, along with strengthening private consumption were the key drivers of growth […]
Multinationals face a challenging environment after MORENA’s landslide victory Multinationals should expect high levels of regulatory […]
Without the clarification of FX policies and gradual ease of capital controls, FX and inflation upward […]
Abinader’s re-election signals a continuation of policies aimed at economic growth and stability, enhancing governability and […]
Rio Grande do Sul
Companies should expect ongoing disruptions to their businesses in Rio Grande do Sul in coming weeks […]
Looming political instability will continue to undermine Peru’s growth opportunities in the medium term Multinationals operating […]
Despite fiscal challenges, Mulino’s administration plans a pro-business spending push amid economic slowdown, offering potential opportunities […]
Presidential contenders discuss nearshoring strategies while the country grapples with structural challenges Multinationals should expect moderate […]
In order to approve the loan, the IMF has conditioned Ecuador to implement further austerity measures […]
Power outages most likely will continue until late May Multinationals operating in Ecuador should prepare for […]
Lack of rainfall has pushed the electrical system to the point of stress While we anticipate […]
However, the budget is expected to become constrained again in 2025 Multinationals operating in Ecuador should […]
As the electoral campaigns unfold, Mexico’s key presidential candidates are revealing more details about their platforms. […]
While we do not foresee elections in 2024, we maintain our view of high political risk […]