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GDP growth fell short of market expectations, indicating a slower-than-anticipated economic recovery Businesses operating in Colombia […]
The government’s priorities, such as pension and tax compliance reforms, will likely be approved The first […]
Food and energy prices could be among the most affected by volatile weather Multinational corporations operating […]
This wave of constitutional reforms looks like an electoral strategy rather than a genuine reformist push, […]
Multinationals operating in Colombia are unlikely to feel any immediate impact from the reform in 2024; […]
Guatemala's election
Traditional powers will seek to undermine Arévalo’s political project and delegitimize him with various accusations against […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Low levels of confrontation between the government and opposition parties are expected during the first half […]
High political and regulatory uncertainty will set the tone in 2024, given the government’s lack of […]
The Board of Directors at the Central Bank of Colombia is actively monitoring the potential repercussions […]
While Banxico recognized progress against inflation, it still sees challenges Multinationals should prepare for high interest […]
The government will not advocate for a third constitutional process, as the intended reforms can be […]
The potential for disruption is contained to domestic impacts Firms should not expect outsized impacts on […]
While Latin America’s macroeconomic environment is expected to remain broadly stable in 2024, the region faces […]
Brazil's economy Q3
Despite the expected slowdown finally having arrived, Brazil remains a market of opportunity. Amid a resilient […]
Ecuador is on the brink of a constitutional crisis
Maintaining his coalition in the National Assembly will be one of Noboa’s main challenges in making […]