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Like many international organizations, governments, and business leaders around the world – including our clients – […]
Tighter restrictions will increase demand volatility and lead to notable HORECA channel disruptions. Major European markets […]
healthcare landscape in japan
As the COVID-19 wave retreats and vaccination accelerates, Japan’s healthcare recovery is on track and will […]
As India recovers from the second wave of COVID-19, its government released a second COVID-19 response […]
South Korea skyline
Supply shortages are complicating the vaccination schedule in South Korea, resulting in depressed demand in 2021. […]
How COVID-19 will shape global supply chains
COVID-19 has compounded pressures on global supply chains from trade tensions and rising operating costs and […]
Global vaccination and recovery. Women getting a vaccine.
The Delta variant’s high level of contagiousness means that reducing the spread of the virus is […]
healthcare landscape in japan
Japan’s economy has begun to recover gradually, with the manufacturing sector and exports driving economic growth. […]
China’s economic recovery is likely to become more balanced over the coming quarters, as a push […]
Australia’s daily COVID cases are rising, causing restrictions to tighten across the country and creating uncertainty […]
South Africa's economy skyline Johannesburg
The violence that gripped South Africa in early July is just one example of political and […]
The demand surge for copper and cobalt exports sheds a positive light on the Democratic Republic […]
The combination of laxer social distancing and slow vaccination has led to new waves of COVID-19 […]
The United States 2021 macroeconomic outlook continues to improve, putting it on track to be one […]
Mexico’s economy continues to fluctuate after a dire spike in COVID-19 cases that kept 50% of […]