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We forecast Brent crude to average US$ 85/barrel in 2022 and touch US$ 100/barrel mid-year Multinationals […]
In response to high commodity prices and the risk of further price increases, firms should consider […]
As we approach the end of the year, you might be using this time to reflect […]
Strong global manufacturing activity, particularly in southeast Asia and Europe, points to near-term opportunities and strong […]
Despite the spread of the Omicron variant, global inflation is likely to remain high in 2022 […]
Like many international organizations, governments, and business leaders around the world – including our clients – […]
As we continue to fulfill our mission of providing the world’s best market intelligence and advisory […]
Senior executives at US-based companies whom Beijing believes may be able to influence Washington’s China policy […]
How We Define Market Intelligence The wide range of challenges companies face—affecting which customers they target; […]
Federal Reserve
Recent bond market movements are signaling the risk that inflation surprises will force rapid monetary tightening […]
In response to rising commodity prices, firms should consider ways of managing high input costs that […]
The delayed consumer pivot is another reason—among many—why the global shipping crisis will take at least […]
Oil prices have surged recently on a stronger demand outlook. As natural gas shortages become more […]
Consumer spending on durables surged during COVID. Strong government support across much of the world supported […]
Natural gas shortages, which began as a European problem, are becoming more acute in Europe and […]